Have you ever known a dog that loves the Vet? Chances are they went to Puppy Preschool! The first few months of a dogs life are by far the most important! Puppies have a socialization period that begins when they open their eyes and start to discover the world, until around 16 weeks of age. Any positive or negative experiences they have in these first few crucial months of their life will have a lasting impact. This is why we strongly recommend bringing your new puppy to our Preschool classes! Your new family member will not only learn that the Forest Hill Veterinary Hospital is a happy and fun place, but you will be given the tools to guide your puppy into the most positive start to life possible.

Our classes are run by our qualified Veterinary Nurse, Georgia who is currently studying dog behavior and training through the Delta Institute. The classes are held at our hospital on Thursday nights from 7-8pm for 3 consecutive weeks per rotation. If you would like any advice or further information regarding Puppy classes please contact Georgia at the hospital!