Puppy School with K9 Connect

Congratulations on welcoming your new best friend home! Bringing on a puppy is an absolute joy, but we know how hard it can be. From toileting accidents to little shark teeth, it can be more than you bargained for. Let us help you navigate the waters of being a new puppy guardian. Our Puppy School program is run by K9 Connect, a collection of qualified dog professionals committed to providing ethical, effective, fear-free dog training services. This program is designed to meet the unique needs of each puppy and their family, prioritising communication, trust, and the use of positive reinforcement. We are here to help you give your puppy the best start to life, and set them up for success for their future!

What will I learn at Puppy Pre-School?

SOCIALISATION – Dogs, People, Sounds, and Surfaces!

Teething, Toileting, Alone Time, and Jumping.

Better Communication and Relationship with Your Puppy.

Basic Cues and MANNERS – Sit, Come, On Your Bed, Look, AND MORE!

What is included in Puppy Pre-School?

Four Weekly Classes (approximately 50 minutes each).

Small Group Classes (maximum 6 puppies).

Email Support.

A full digital supplement available.

The confidence that you’ve started your training journey on the right paw!

How old does my puppy need to be?

We welcome puppies into our course starting between 8 weeks and 16 weeks of age. Provided your puppy has had their first vaccination, they are good to go! The younger your puppy gets started, the more beneficial it is to their development and the sooner you can get all those burning questions answered!

Why come to Puppy Pre-School?

At K9 Connect, we believe that a professionally run Puppy School program helps set the foundations for your puppy living in the human world! It gives them a safe environment to build confidence and manners that are tailored to their stage of life. Most importantly it allows you to give your new best friend the best start to their tail!


Our 4 week Puppy Pre-School curriculum and all of the additional support we offer comes to a total of $150.

To join the program or to request more information, please call us at the clinic & speak to one of our friendly nursing team.

What will I learn at Puppy School?

This course is about teaching owners and puppies the essentials, plus general socialisation. Core elements include;

  • How dogs learn

  • Socialisation – Dogs, meeting people, life experiences and new environments

  • Problem solving for toilet training, puppy mouthing, jumping on visitors & more

  • Basic puppy training such as “go to your mat”, “look”, “sit”, “drop” and more

  • Building a strong relationship between you and your family


Your puppy must have had their first vaccination and be 8 – 16 weeks of age.

Why go to Puppy School Training?

  • Our lessons educate owners on all aspects of puppy development and behaviour in order to help you navigate common puppy problems and lay a solid foundation for further training.

  • Getting the correct up-to-date advice is important for having a happy and well adjusted adult dog!

What to bring to Puppy School