As we all know, a trip to the vet can be exciting for some pets, and daunting for others. A vet clinic is full of different smells, sounds and people that can make our pets feel anxious.

Cats in particular can become very stressed in the hospital environment and this can make them a bit more difficult for our vets to examine thoroughly. To help our feline friends settle, at reception we have baby blankets sprayed with feliway to help relax and settle them. Please don’t be afraid to ask our reception nurses for a feliway blankie to use whilst in the clinic.

To further help feline patients, if you are coming into reception with a dog, please be mindful of cat carriers and not allow your dog to get too close! Most cats are not very welcoming when seeing a dog and can become quite upset.

On the other hand, if your dog becomes anxious when visiting please bring their favourite toy. A simple ball to watch or teddy to chew on can be enough to help settle their nerves and distract them from what is going on around the room. Also, we encourage social visits. So when passing by the clinic on your next walk the pop in for a cuddle and a treat. This shows our canine friends that we don’t always mean business and we are always up for a puppy hug.