Please remember that summer will also mean an increase in external parasites such as fleas, mosquitoes and ticks.

Fleas can be particularly frustrating to control once they have become established in an environment.  We recommend prevention as a strategy for avoiding the irritation of a flea infestation and possible flea allergy dermatitis in your pet.

Mosquitoes can also be irritating but have the potential of transmitting the heartworm parasite which can be deadly. Heartworm prevention is essential.

Ticks are becoming more prevalent closer to Melbourne in areas with a suitable environment. We recommend the use of tick prevention products if you will be taking your pet to known tick areas. Parasites are annoying, but we are able to recommend good products that will keep them controlled. Call us for advice if you are travelling to tick areas.

Snakes are now also becoming more active. Unfortunately, we have already had one of our patients go to the Animal Emergency Centre after having been bitten.

General advice would be not to allow your pet off lead in areas with overgrown vegetation especially around creeks, dams and rivers.