Remember that warm weather can bring on problems. Heat stroke occurs quite commonly especially in brachycephalic breeds such as pugs and French bulldogs. We need to moderate exercise on hot days and make sure that our furry friends have plenty of water available to drink. On very hot days our pets enjoy an air-conditioned space as much as we do. Wading pools, frozen stock Kong’s/icey poles and frozen water bottles can help to cool our pets down. If you find it uncomfortable being outside your pets certainly will!

Small animals such as rabbits and guinea-pigs are particularly susceptible to the heat and must be bought inside on days exceeding 30 degrees. Frozen ice packs are also a good idea.

In the hot weather our wild animals suffer as well! In suburbia natural water sources are scarce and with the constant clearing of land for housing developments and buildings, it leaves very little room for shade and water! Please help our wildlife by providing water dishes through the day and night for our wildlife. Nocturnal animals require a drink too, so be sure to leave water out through the night as well.

We all love a barbeque but please be careful that our pets don’t over indulge. Cooked bones from your lamb chop can potentially get stuck in your pets’ tummy or could cause pancreatitis and constipation. Onions are a must with any barbeque but can cause anaemia in animals which can potentially be fatal.