Similar to us, our furry and feathered friends suffer from the heat during summer. Heat stroke in our veterinary patients can have severe effects on the vital organs of the body and in extreme cases can result in death. Our pets cope with the heat differently. Dogs do not sweat, but pant instead. You may find your pets will naturally seek out shade and cool environments. In the ideal situation, your furry friend should be kept cool indoors, in the shade, preferably with a fan or air-conditioning with plenty of cool fresh water. If your pets are outdoors, please ensure that they have adequate amounts of water and shade. Some tips to keep your pets cool this summer are:

  • Have a paddle pool outside.
  • Offer ice blocks with treats in them.
  • Dogs and cats with long dense coats can be clipped during summer. A short coated Golden Retriever does look a little odd, but your dog will thank you on those 40-degree days!
  • Exercise your dogs during the cool mornings or evenings, never during the hottest part of the day. Don’t worry if you miss a walk because it is too hot!
  • Our shorter nosed dogs (Brachycephalic breeds) like Pugs and Bulldogs are the most susceptible to heat stress. Be careful to only exercise these breeds in the cool!