All of our Veterinary nurses at the Forest Hill Veterinary Hospital are fully qualified and extensively trained but, most importantly, they are here to help you. Our nursing team can offer advice over the phone and where appropriate, a nurse consult. We offer “How are you growing” checks for young dogs and cats to check in on how they are going and to offer advice on any issues you may have such as diet, weight & behaviour. We try & schedule these really helpful FREE checks at 9 months of age.

Our nurses also offer weight consults if you are having difficulty getting your pet to shed those few extra kilos. As well as weight management we offer dietary advice for other conditions such as dental disease, urinary issues or ways to get around your pets fussy eating habits.

Clipping your pets nails can often be a struggle at home. We can have them booked in for a nurse consult to clip their nails and even express your dogs anal glands if you wish. It is never a pleasant job so why not have us do it for you?  If you wish for your dog to have a bath and a tidy up, or even a groom just leave them with us for the day to be pampered. We will call you when they are looking sharp & smelling like roses.

Finally, we book a lot of our post operative check-ups and suture removals with nurses. They know what a healthy wound should look like and are always willing to advise on wound care & post-operative management.