As our pets age they are more likely to develop an assortment of skin lumps and bumps. Some of our younger dogs and cats can develop skin lumps too.

Many skin lumps are benign & of no great danger however around 50% of skin lumps can be quite dangerous.

It might look small & pretty innocuous although we advise that you treat any new skin lump with caution!

We strongly advise that all new skin lumps be checked to make sure they are ok to leave alone. Many benign skin lumps can be left in place & need no specific treatment.

However there are many potentially very dangerous skin lumps that should be removed.

We will often perform cytology or a fine needle aspirate of suspicious looking skin lumps to gather more information about their cellular structure. This can provide us with valuable information about the lump and how it is likely to behave and most importantly whether or not it needs to go! Call us if you are worried about any skin lumps on your pet. Time is often of the essence!