Since wildlife Victoria have been monitoring rescues around the state, we have reached over 100 rescues in our hospital & many thousands over the years! Wildlife are often brought to us either injured, scared, lost or just too young to fend for themselves. We will do everything we are able to, to help save and rehabilitate them. Sometimes they just need time to rest and fatten up, other times we might need to take them home for regular feeding and then send them to a wildlife carer to help rehabilitate them & reintroduce them to the wild when they are strong enough.

Spring time means nesting time for many birds. During this time you may see young birds on the ground. These are fledgings (babies that have just left the nest). These young feathered birds are learning how to fly. If you notice them please leave them be. Their parents will be near by watching over them sometimes at a distance, so we may not be able to see them. The parents will fly down when it is safe and feed their young fledgling. If you are worried about them being taken by a cat or dog you can drill holes in an ice-cream container, put some leaves and grass in the bottom and secure them in a tree. This will keep them out of harms way but also still give them a chance to learn to fly off on their own. If you believe they are injured or if they are not feathered and are too young to be alone, you can contact wildlife Victoria to get some advice. Alternatively, you can give us a call.