Although animals are more robust and are better able to tolerate adverse weather conditions, please remember that animals also feel the winter chill just like us humans. Young, old and otherwise ill animals are less likely to be able to cope with cold weather. Cold, wet weather will also cause more aches and pains in our arthritic patients. Our pets also appreciate being able to snuggle up close to a fire on a cold winters night. Snuggling with your pet is good for the soul and keeping them close keeps us warm as well. We would encourage you to keep your pets indoors as much as possible especially during extreme weather conditions.

Ways to help keep your pets warm include:

  • Pet coats and jumpers are a great way to insulate pets that feel the cold, especially breeds such as whippets or greyhounds.
  • Safe pet heat pads that warm up in your microwave and stay warm for 8 hours are great to slide into your pets bed.
  • Providing your pet with extra blankets and bedding to snuggle into.
  • Keeping your pets indoors and out of the elements.
  • Heated pet beds.