Good quality food and fresh clean water. The old adage “what you put in is what you get out”, is very true when it comes to nutrition. Feeding the correct amount is also very important to keep your pet in good body condition. This will reduce the likelihood of them having joint issues, diabetes and many other health issues.

Keeping up to date with vaccinations and parasite control. We recommend a parasiticide for intestinal worms, heartworms and fleas in our area and one for ticks if your pet will be traveling to an area where ticks are prevalent, such as Gippsland. Remember to schedule your pets regular health checks with us on time, but if you notice a problem then bring them in for a check-up as soon as possible.

Keeping your pet stimulated is very important. Providing toys and interactive games can help alleviate boredom and reduce anxiety, especially while you are away at work. Remember cats also enjoy playing. Spend some time getting them to chase a feather tickler or pick up a pet laser pointer for them to chase around whilst you sit on the couch watching t.v. Regular exercise is a must! A good walk is the favourite pastime for most dogs and cats just love climbing up and down a cat tower. These activities also help to keep them in good shape.

Training, especially for dogs is crucial. Puppy classes are the perfect start, but training of some sort should be continued throughout your pets life. The most important “tricks” are “sit”, “stay” and in particular “come”, which can be handy when visiting an off lead park. Make sure you teach your dog’s independence. Dogs are social by nature so they can feel very lonely when you are at work. If they have learned to relax when they are by themselves the problem of separation anxiety can be alleviated.

Dental problems are very commonly seen by us at FHVH. Daily tooth brushing is the single most effective means of keeping your pets mouth clean, disease free and smelling fresh. Encourage chewing on toys, dental treats & dental diets. We have heaps to choose from so come & see!

It is important to keep your pet well groomed. Some pets will love a regular brush if they have been brushed from a young age. When cats get older they often become less inclined to groom themselves and so they rely on you to do the grooming for them. If you need help we have an excellent dog groomer, Sally on staff and our vets and nurses can assist with cat grooming or clipping if needed. Sometimes cats are so knotted that a full body clip can help to keep their long fur in check.

Keeping your pets on your property is important for their safety. However, this can be difficult, so if you cannot then we would recommend that they become an indoors only pet. Outdoor cat enclosures are another great option for letting them outside but ensuring they are safe in your yard. Remember that dogs are social animals and regard you as part of their social group. Let them indoors to be with you when you are home. They love the company!