Although Spring is a great time of year it is also our busiest time of the year here at the hospital. It is a time for allergies, parasites (eg. Fleas, mosquitoes & flies), hormones and babies. Please ensure that your pets are fully protected against parasites and that cats especially are desexed to ensure against any unwanted litters.

Not only does Spring bring with it the nice warm sunshine, it is also the time of the year when we see the most cruciate ligament injuries. If your dog’s weight has increased over winter with limited exercise, they are at much greater risk of rupturing their cruciate ligaments. We see an increased incidence in cruciate ruptures early in Spring when dogs go for a big crazy run, perhaps overdoing things a little. Please start their exercise off slowly. Better still keep their exercise routine going through the winter months and try to keep them at an optimal weight all year round.

Please also remember that although it is a really fun activity, throwing sticks for dogs to retrieve, can have disastrous consequences. We have seen many very nasty puncture injuries caused by dogs running onto sticks. A safe alternative are dog toys shaped like sticks which will not splinter off or pose a puncture threat when your dog grabs them. We have a few varieties of these at the hospital if you would like to come and check them out.