It can be hard to remember what you need to take and remember before your pet’s visit to the vet. Some things to keep in mind are vaccination cards, any medications listed that your pet might be on and any reports, such as from emergency centres they may have visited recently.

We also ask that all dogs are on a lead and not let to free range the hospital, as this can upset cats in carriers and there is also the risk of them getting out the door. Similarly all cats must be contained in a cat carrier for their own safety.

Lastly if you are not able to attend your appointment at the scheduled time we request that you give us 24 hours notice or as much as possible for any cancellations or rescheduling. We do however understand that some times our feline friends can be too smart for their own good and can be spooked by that suspicious looking carrier. The one that always seems to take them to the vet and that’s it they are off! We just please ask that you let us know as soon as possible if your pet cannot make their scheduled appointment.